Making Faces at Chinese Babies

No longer a blog about my life in China

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I am flying to Shanghai tomorrow, and will be teaching English in Hangzhou for the next year or so.
Not sure how this will effect my online activity, so don’t be surprised if I stop, disappear, or otherwise get eaten by reality for an unspecified period of time within the next few weeks/months.

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It’s such a strange feeling when someone says or does something that you completely disagree with, but in such an obfuscatory, passive-aggressive way that you can’t justify making your indignation known.

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Aaaand here’s all ten Ohio Biomes spreads, sunrise to sunset!  I’m not sure I can put into words how much I learned from this experience- from crash courses in texture rendering to communicating with printers -but I’m delighted to have been a part of it. And thank you all for the touching feedback over the past two weeks- it’s been a joy. :)

I’ll post some updates to this blog when the free educator’s/standalone edition of this magazine is printed and distributed- I need to work out a few kinks regarding regional orders and the like.  Again, thank you for the kind words, all!

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How about that Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, huh?

(I knoooooooow… everyone has drawn them dancingggggg… But it’s funnnn! I hope there is still room for one a zillion more pictures of dancing space friends.)

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Here we go! Ladybug Issue 0!


Its the Lovely Ladybug’s origin story! How she got her suit, her powers, her motivation…

I find myself loving these more and more. They’re fun, charmingly written and everyone I know that’s given em a read ends up loving them. Give em a shot!